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by Iryna Tsvinkailo July 01, 2022 3 min read

СBD or THC? When you start engaging in cannabis products it is really essential to learn the difference between CBD and THC. 

Cannabis contains over 113  chemical compounds, you may know them as cannabinoids. So cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two types of chemical compounds derived from cannabis. 

cbd oil vs thc oil

However, while CBD and THC are both cannabinoids, it doesn’t mean that they are the same. These two compounds are used for different purposes and their legal status is not the same as well. So let’s look at it in detail.

What is CBD?

CBD is obtained from hemp, a form of the Cannabis sativa plant that only contains small amounts of THC.A safe, non-addictive substance, CBD is one of more than a hundred “phytocannabinoids,” which are unique to cannabis and endow the plant with its robust therapeutic profile.

A prescription form of CBD is used for seizure disorder (epilepsy). CBD is also used for anxiety, pain, a muscle disorder called dystonia, Parkinson disease, Crohn disease, and many other conditions.

thc vs cbd oil

Many people want the health benefits of cannabis without the high – or with less of a high feeling. The fact that CBD is therapeutically potent as well as non-intoxicating, and easy to take as a CBD oil, makes it an appealing treatment option.

CBD, alternatively, is considered a “non-psychoactive” compound, meaning that you do not get the high that we associate with THC. Although CBD legally may have trace amounts of THC up to 0.3%, it is not enough to result in a psychoactive response.



Is illegal



Produces high



Typically sourced from hemp

No (from marijuana)



What is THC?

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. THC is psychoactive so it makes people high and has an intoxication effect.  THC activates the brain's reward system by signaling the release of the brain's chemical dopamine. THC is often administered by smoking marijuana, but it can also be found as an ingredient in capsules, edibles, and oils.

High levels of THC have side effects such as increased heart rate, problems with coordination, dry mouth, red eyes, slower reaction time, and memory loss. These side effects are associated with the compound’s psychoactive properties. At the same time, THC has beneficial properties as fighting glaucoma, low appetite, and insomnia. But everybody should note that THC is not legal in a major of countries.

Typically THC is sourced from marijuana, and it contains high levels of it.

CBD vs. THC: Key Differences

The main difference between THC and CBD is the “high” effect and side effects. 



  • non-psychoactive
  • calming
  • supports well-being
  • relieves pain
  • helps with anxiety
  • eases depression
  • helps with insomnia
  • is anti-inflammatory
  • decreases seizures
  • psychoactive
  • stimulates appetite
  • euphoria
  • side effects
  • can worse anxiety
  • relieves pain
  • helps with insomnia
  • is anti-inflammatory

Cannabis itself just refers to the overall plant family. It’s a genus, in much the same way as Eucalyptus and Rhododendron, meaning it covers a large spread of different strains and species.

CBD vs. THC: Key Differences

While THC and CBD are both found in cannabis sativa plants, THC is most plentiful in other forms of cannabis while CBD is found in higher quantities in hemp. Hemp is dominated by CBD. In order for a cannabis plant to be classified as ‘hemp’, its THC content is to be no more than 0.3%

How Are CBD and THC Similar?

CBD and THC have identical molecular compounds, but there are differences in howthese molecules effect the body. Both CBD and THC has beneficial effects that were mentioned before.Both compounds communicate with your body’sendocannabinoid system (ECS).

cannabis oil thc vs cbd

And as we have figured out, CBD is a safe and multifunctional remedy distinguishing from THC. That is why Cannasi uses only CBD-contained products.

We choose well-being

Both THC and CBD may have essential benefits, but long-term well-being is provided by CBD only. Cannasi follows a healthy lifestyle and offers it to others.We see and feel these powerful improvements in our lives from CBD products and we are happy to share them.

If you want to know more about CBD products by Cannasi please follow the Shopping page and meet a range of useful and unique products to purchase.

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Iryna Tsvinkailo
Iryna Tsvinkailo

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