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by Eugene Markman August 22, 2022 4 min read

Many people are familiar with the feeling of absent-mindedness and mental fatigue. In this state, it is impossible to concentrate on work, study, and daily tasks, and forgetfulness increases. This phenomenon is called brain fog. It can happen to every person. And cause many problems in everyday life because one forgotten little thing can cause a severe accident.

cbd cannabinoids brain fog

What causes brain fog? How to deal with it? Let's talk about it.

What is Brain Fog?

Brain fog is a term used for symptoms associated with impaired brain activity. Confusion of consciousness, impaired concentration, constant feeling of fatigue, and impaired consciousness are typical signs of such a condition. Brain fog can occur due to various factors. For example, some researchers note the connection of such a condition with Covid-19.

recess cbd brain fog


How do you know if brain fog has become a part of your life? Try keeping a diary in which you note each time you are tired, distracted, or sleepy. You can also consult a specialist, such as a neuropathologist.

What causes Brain Fog

The most common causes of brain fog include:

  • The saturated rhythm of life. If your schedule is scheduled by the minute, and the specialty is related to mental activity, your brain will quickly get tired of such a rhythm of life.
  • Experienced stress. In a force majeure situation, the body is mobilized, but it cannot work in this mode for a long time, and physical and mental fatigue appears.
  • Lack of sleep. In a sleeping state, we "reboot" and process the information received during the night, so if you do not sleep enough, the "mental container" overflows.
  • Unbalanced diet. The lack of certain trace elements can significantly affect the functioning of the central nervous system, which can cause brain fog.
  • Past illnesses. The work of the central nervous system is closely related to the immune system, so an imbalance in the work of the immune system can cause confusion, drowsiness, and lethargy.
  • Dehydration. Prolonged dehydration can significantly impair cognitive function and reduce brain activity. Therefore, you should monitor how much water you drink during the day.
  • Side effects of medications. Some of them can cause drowsiness, sleep disturbances, and difficulty concentrating. If you are taking medication, read the instructions and possible side effects first.

After we have described the leading causes of mental fatigue, let's discuss how to deal with this condition.

How to Eliminate Brain Fog

To prevent brain fog from bothering you, try to follow these simple rules:

  • Get enough sleep. The average adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Of course, there are emergencies, but don't make sleep deprivation a habit. In addition, it will be helpful to learn to go to bed before 23:00 and get up no later than 7:00.
  • Take breaks when working with gadgets. Do exercises for the eyes every hour when working with laptops, computers, or smartphones. Eliminate the use of gadgets 20-30 minutes before bedtime: this will facilitate and speed up falling asleep, making sleep healthier and more profound.
  • When performing a specific task, avoid being distracted by extraneous matters. Create a checklist to track milestones.
  • Walk daily. Choosing parks, coasts and other places with clean air and trees are advisable. This will help you feel energized and fresh.
  • Eat well: your diet should be rich in valuable nutrients and contain a sufficient number of vitamins and minerals.
  • Use nutritional supplements. In particular, full spectrum CBD helps. Brain fog is eliminated thanks to the sedative properties of cannabidiol. It will also help you sleep well and relax after a busy day, normalizing the functioning of the central nervous system. The experience of many people proves the effect of CBD on head fog.

These simple guidelines will help you feel good and keep your mind clear. Making these rules a part of your life is essential, and your well-being is guaranteed to improve.

CBD oil and relieving brain fog

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a substance known for its sedative, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and antipsychotic properties. Due to this, CBD is often used for sleep disorders, epilepsy, neuroses, etc.

cbd oil and relieving brain fog

Does CBD Oil Help With Head Fog? Studies show that cannabidiol is effective in this state.

Proper use of CBD can reсess brain fog and make you more efficient at work and routine tasks.

To do this, you can use CBD oil (for example, add it to a salad) and various delicacies: CBD gummies. It is enough to eat only 1-2 gummies a day - and it will be much easier to concentrate on daily tasks.

The effect of CBD on brain fog is a complex solution: CBD will help solve problems with sleep, which will improve the functioning of your brain. And also reduce stress during the day, enhances mood, and helps in the fight against anxiety.

Are CBD products safe?

The cannabinoid is an organic, natural product. It has no pronounced contraindications; it is only necessary to follow the recommended dosage. It is especially true for Full Spectrum CBD: these products contain CBD and terpenes. These are the substances responsible for the aroma of the product. Also, total spectrum products may contain residual traces of THC, up to a maximum of 0.03%.

While these products are natural, safe, and vegan, even CBD-certified products are contraindicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It is better for children and people with chronic diseases to consult a therapist before using a cannabinoid.

Also, be careful if you take medications regularly - CBD can affect their absorption rate.

In the online store Cannasi you will find many licensed high-quality CBD products for internal and external use. You can choose the right product for oil, gummies, creams, and ointments at a loyal price. All our products are vegan friendly, fully licensed, and legal in the USA.

Here are the best CBD oils. Give yourself freedom from brain fog, clarity of thought, well-being, and a great mood.

Eugene Markman
Eugene Markman

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