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by Eugene Markman September 13, 2022 4 min read

Like other natural oils, CBD oil has a shelf life. Therefore, if you bought cannabidiol oil and put it in a box for a long time, it is better to ask if its use will be effective. How long does cannaoil last? On average, the oil remains usable for 1-2 years. However, many factors can affect this. 

how to tell if hemp oil is rancid

Factors affecting the shelf life of CBD oil

The period during which CBD oil is suitable for use and its positive effect will be most pronounced depends on several main factors.

Product Quality

Natural cannabidiol oil will retain its properties longer than its low-quality counterparts. A high degree of purification and the absence of artificial components and flavors will ensure long shelf life, as various impurities decompose much faster than oil.Cannasi online store presents only licensed products that have passed all the necessary tests. 

Extraction Method

The quality of CBD oil is directly affected by how it is extracted. The reference method is the carbon dioxide method. It allows you to save a maximum of valuable substances. This method is used to obtain full-spectrum CBD products containing cannabidiol and terpenes - substances that affect the flavor and the residual content of THC (in licensed products, its content is no more than 0.3%). 

Type of packaging

Why do you think oils from reliable brands are sold in dark glass bottles? They look lovely, but it's not just about aesthetics. The beneficial substances of the oil decompose much faster with sunlight. That is why it is better to buy CBD products in a UV-protected package. In addition, the original packaging is usually equipped with a pipette. 

Storage conditions

The CBD hemp oil shelf life is affected not only by the method of manufacture but also by the storage method. Store the oil in a dark, dry place protected from UV rays. Also, do not leave open glass bottles; air ingress will shorten the shelf life. The room mustn't be too hot, so keep heaters, convectors, and stoves away. It's also best to keep bottles away from air conditioners.

How do you know if CBD oil has expired?

How to tell if CBD hemp oil is rancid? Then pay attention to the: 

  • Bad smell. A cannabidiol product usually smells perfect, but if it's past the expiration date, it will be more like a skunk than a pleasant herbal scent. Nobody wants to consume something that smells like a skunk.
  • Hazy, sticky texture. Oil may become a little cloudy from the cold. It is not a bad sign. But it is spoiled if the oil has become too thick and sticky.
  • Too dark a color. In normal conditions, the color of CBD oil should be golden, not brown.
  • Bitter taste. The usual taste should be pleasant, with earthy and herbal notes. No bitterness. 

Is your CBD oil good? Assess its smell, texture, and taste. It's simple.

how long does cannaoil last

What happens if you use expired CBD?

If you still risk using expired CBD oil, then ... nothing will happen. Don't worry. You won't feel bad. But the positive effect will be reduced or absent since the beneficial substances will already decompose. So the use of a spoiled product with cannabidiol threatens only a bad mood: as already mentioned in the previous section, the expired product tastes bitter and has an unpleasant sticky texture.

So what to do if CBD oil does expire? Buy a new one. Use a fresh, quality product to get the most benefit from cannabidiol. 

Tips for CBD hemp oil storage

The shelf life of CBD hemp seed oil is highly dependent on the availability of oxygen, sunlight, and temperature. Proper storage conditions will help you extend the CBD tincture shelf life and preserve its beneficial properties, pleasant taste, and aroma.

  • The storage rules are similar to those used for coconut, olive, almond, and other oils. Any that you use for cosmetic purposes, cooking, etc.
  • Protection against air ingress. It's so essential for CBD storage. The cork should fit tightly on the bottle: this will not only prevent the entry of oxygen but also protect the product from contaminants that promote the development of microorganisms. That's why it's a good idea to store cannabidiol products in their original packaging. Or in another sealed dark glass container.
  • Protection against too high and too low temperatures. It's ideal if the room temperature is between 15 to 20°C. Keep bottles away from windows, heaters, fans, and convectors. It is also advisable to avoid drafts.
  • Pick up products from the bottle with clean items. Usually, there is adropper on the inner side of the cap of the original bottle. It should be kept clean to avoid contaminants getting into the bottle.
  • Close the bottle carefully after use. So the oil will retain its nice vegetable aroma.

These simple rules will help you understand how to store CBD hemp oil. And will allow you to enjoy its natural, natural effect and wonderful aroma.


The CBD hemp seed oil shelf life largely depends on its quality and how it is stored. If you purchase a licensed organic product and keep it properly, you will benefit from it much longer. Determining the suitability of a product is quite simple. It is enough to evaluate its color, smell, and taste.

Eugene Markman
Eugene Markman

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